VP Garages & Services

Valet parking services and parking lot rentals in USA

VP Garages & Services is a full service Parking Management
Company headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our company was
founded based upon the simple philosophy of total commitment to
the success of our clients' parking operations.

Serving satisfied clients throughout the United States, VP Garages
& Services offers comprehensive facilities management and an
absolute commitment to tailoring a parking service package that’s
right for you. We work with each client to identify just the right
combination of talent and technology that is readily adaptable to
your changing needs.

We have earned a reputation amongst our patrons and peers as a
company that is truly concerned with our client's best economical
interest. At VP Garages & Services. We take pride in providing
distinguished personalized service while producing and
maintaining some of the highest levels of profitability for our clients
and their locations.
Our service is the best in USA
We've been in business for over 10 years
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